Getting Help

“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” — J.K. Rowling

We know asking for help is difficult.  We know it is hard to admit you are struggling.  

We also know it is the best thing we ever did, and recovery is possible.

Cocoon can support you through this journey.  Find out more about our services by clicking below.

Let Us Support You

Cocoon is here to support you through this journey.  Find out more about our services here

where to get help

Your GP


Many of us never ask for help with our mental health problems – or we wait until things are really bad before we do. It can be hard to know what do first.

Your GP is not only interested in your physical health, they can also support you with any mental health problems that trouble you.  They can discuss treatment options, including medication and talking therapy.   

You can use the appointment checklist below to prepare for the appointment.  

Your midwife/health visitor


During pregnancy, and after your baby is born, you can talk to your midwife or health visitor at any time if you're worried about your mental health.

Some women worry about telling healthcare professionals how they're feeling because they fear they'll be judged as a parent, or their child will be taken away from their care.  In reality, healthcare professionals work really hard to get mums well so they can continue to look after their children.

Don't be afraid to tell your midwife or health visitor how you're feeling. This can help them to identify if you are unwell or might become unwell.

Charities and support groups


There are lots of charities and organisation that can support you.  

For a list of these organisations please click below 

Children's Centres


Children's Centres provide support, advice and activities for expectant and parents of children up to 5 years of age.  

They run groups where you can meet other parents and engage in early learning with your child.   

Find your Centre here:

the personal touch

Jessica Warne


Jessica is Cocoon's 'mummy'.  She founded Cocoon Family Support and was our Chief Executive up until 2017.

Jessica has used her wealth of knowledge and experience to becoming a Maternal Wellness Practitioner.  Her website is full of wonderful resources for pregnant and new parents.  She also provides antenatal /postnatal support. 

The Modern Midwife


Modern mums are faced with an overwhelming amount of options, opinions, advice and complex decisions at such an emotional time. It is really confusing.

Marie Louise believe that women should not be limited by finances or their personal situation, equality is a must in maternity. Embracing our digital age her website shares information, expertise and opinions. 




Headspace is a meditation/mindfulness app which give you bitesized meditation sessions.   Mindfulness has been proved to reduce depression and anxiety and is becoming popular as an alternative coping strategy. 

You can access the trial for free, but can choose to subscribe for more resources. 



Created by mums for mums, Nourish provides a growing library of self-care tools including positive psychology, mindfulness, yoga, mantras and more, to help you navigate the ups and downs of motherhood and boost your wellbeing.

Paid subscription required. 



Described as 'Tinder for mums'  Mush can help you to find friends who live nearby with kids the same age, arrange meetups, get advice from parenting experts and fellow mums on the topics keeping them awake at night and join chat groups based on everything from their due date to their love of reality TV. 


Small Time Mum


 Eve Canavan

Postpartum Psychosis survivor. Maternal Mental Health Warrior. Mother to wild child, mouth of a sailor and hips from butterville. 



Rosey Wren

Mother to three, PND survivor and founder of  #PNDHour - every Wed at 8pm on Twitter -  just use the #PNDHour hashtag to join in! 

The Butterfly Mother


 Laura Clark

A PND & Anxiety survivor, mum of two, involved with Lotus Petal peer support and self-confessed "good enough" mum. 

PND Daddy


Tony Crone

A dad who shares his experience of PND and being a dad. 

appointment checklist


Our friends at The Smile Group, a perinatal mental health charity in Cheshire, have created a checklist to take to appointments with health professionals.  This gives you a chance to think about what you want to discuss beforehand.  

You can find the form here: