facts and figures

Poor mental health is very common during the perinatal period.  However it still isn't talked about enough.  We know expectant and new parents may feel scared, nervous or embarrassed about admitting things are difficult.  

As you will see from the statistics below, you really are not alone and lots of new parents find this time challenging.

  • 20% of expectant or new mums experience clinical depression during the perinatal period
  • Recent research by the NCT showed that nearly half of mums hadn’t had their problem identified by a health professional and hadn’t received any treatment. 
  • 5-10% of men experience clinical depression during this period  
  • 5-15% of men are affected by anxiety disorders 
  • Perinatal depression, anxiety and psychosis carry a long term cost to society of approximately £8.1 billion for each one-year cohorts of births in the UK.   
  • This is the equivalent to the cost of just under £10,000 for every single birth in the country.



Infographic from the NSPCC