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Cocoon Family Support offers a low-cost counselling service to parents, family members and carers that have been affected by perinatal mental illness.   We can currently offer two types of counselling:

Individual counselling

 One to one counselling offers an opportunity for you to talk to someone in confidence about your own thoughts and feelings and or the situation you find yourself in. Through exploration it is hoped that you will be able to understand yourself better and where necessary find new skills to help you manage your ability to cope with life better.  Individual counselling takes place on Saturday morning in Camden Town and will be available from October 2019 in Vauxhall on Friday afternoons. 

Parent Infant Therapy (baby bonding)

Parent infant therapy works on the relationship, and bonding, between baby and their parent/s.  This can be offered to parents who feel they haven't bonded as well as they had hoped, or who want to improve their understanding of their baby's needs. This is available on Saturday mornings from October 2019 in Camden Town. 

Please note we cannot provide counselling to those who are already receiving therapy from another source. 

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