Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

The national awareness week organised by our friends and colleagues at the Perinatal Mental Health Partnership.  This year's theme is supporting mums in difficult times. 

recovery and using your experience to support others


The final day of Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week focused on recovery.

Rosie, our CEO, spoke to the Perinatal Mental Health Partnership about using your own experience to help others.  Watch the video here: 


looking after you and yours


Is someone you care about struggling with their mental health before or after having a baby?

Do you want to help but don’t where to start?

Are you having to support and encourage them?

It can be really difficult to watch someone you care about experience mental illness. It can be upsetting, heartbreaking, infuriating and frustrating all at once. 

Under 'Supporting Others' we have a range of information for those who are supporting someone experiencing perinatal mental illness

To find out more how you can support them, this guide from MIND is really great.

If you need individual advice or support you can also contact the Carers UK information and advice line on 0808 808 7777, Mon-Fri, 9am – 6pm. They can advise on balancing employment and looking after someone, your rights and benefits. 

For Dads and partners

It is OK to feel sad about what is happening. This wasn’t your idea of how parenthood was going to be. It is OK to feel sad or angry about this. This experience is happening to you too. 

Take some time to read the link above, about how you can support your partner and how to get support. Take notice of your own well being – dads and partners are also at risk of developing mental health conditions, even more so if they are living or supporting someone with mental illness. 

Cocoon services are also here for you – perhaps you need to someone to speak to to find out more about the illness, or you would like some counselling to deal with your feelings, or have some sessions to improve your bonding with baby – we can provide all of this as well as a listening ear. 

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Click here for further information

Supporting Others


day 3: the village

Cocoon was created by a mum for mums and families. We know what it feels likes to struggle and experience poor mental health with a new baby. We strive to be more than 'just' a mental health charity, we are your peers, your friends, your village. We will cuddle baby while you have a hot cup of tea and biscuit, and we will pass you a tissue (and another biscuit) while you cry on our shoulder.

For those of you in the London area, we can provide peer support groups, one to one support, counselling, baby bonding and parent infant psychotherapy - usually in person - but currently online.

Find your village, we are everywhere 💜

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Outside London?

 The perinatal mental health world is blessed with amazing charities up and down the country. For those of you further afield you can find support local to you in our Sources of Support section 

day 2: accessing safe support