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Cocoon Family Support: Who we are and what we mean by Peer Support

Welcome to our new blog.  A place where we can share our stories, support each other and get things off our chest.  This isn’t the voice of a professional, or a parenting expert.  Just fellow mums who have been there, done that, and gotten the sick-stained T-shirt.
We are all (the people behind Cocoon included) different.  We have different backgrounds, cultures, parenting styles… But we are thrown together by our shared experience of mental illness and our shared passion for helping others through it.  We’ve all “seen the other side”: we’ve known insanity, sleep deprivation, the depths of depression and the terror of anxiety.  But we have survived.  We have emerged from our illnesses not as super human mummy goddesses, but as survivors.  And knowing that we’ve been to hell, and survived, gives us a powerful voice and a determination to make sure no family gets lost in their illness.
Our philosophy here at Cocoon is simple: we will support you.  We cannot recover for you, take the medications for you, undergo the therapy for you, but we can walk with you and be a friendly companion along the way.  We can tell you what happened to us, how we navigated the same rocky path, but ultimately it is you who is doing the recovering.  We will be there to cheer you on and tell you what an amazing job you are doing: caring for a baby while fighting mental illness is one of the toughest experiences you can have as a parent.
We will do all this without judgement.  We are not here to tell you how to parent, or how to keep well – like we said, everyone of us is different.  We will strive to keep this open-mindedness and acceptance running throughout all of Cocoon’s activities and events.
We hope very much you will benefit from this, and join us at Cocoon for as little or as much support as you and your family need.

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