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The Art Of Self Care

We are very excited to announce Cocoon’s founder, Jessica, has been invited to speak at an upcoming maternal mental health event – on the subject of using creativity to promote wellness after perinatal mental illness.
The event is the launch of Elaine Hanzak’s new book, “Another Twinkle In The Eye: Contemplating a second pregnancy after perinatal mental illness”.  The audience will include many other peer support organisations, health care professionals, and “survivors”.
Jessica has always used creativity in her work at Cocoon.  Working with many different specialists, to offer the group activities such as art and music therapies, and complementary therapies such as massage and reflexology.  There is a “mindful” component to this work – joining in with a piece of music or a hands-on crafts project engages the brain right in the present moment, pushing out negative thoughts and ruminations.
There is also, for most people, a sense of positivity and pride in accomplishing something creative.  However simple the project, seeing it through to completion is always satisfying.
It can break down communication barriers too.  For a severely depressed or anxious new mum, it is sometimes easier to answer “what colour would you like your baby’s footprint keepsake to be?” than “how are you feeling today?”  Starting a conversation over a shared craft project can then open the door to further, more meaningful, discussion.
Finally, there is the worth in creativity in itself.  However the painting turns out, the act of painting it creates good, positive, feelings.  We hope that by joining in creative activities at Cocoon, the mums and their families go on to enjoy many years of crafts and creativity at home.
If you would like to attend the launch of Elaine’s book and hear our presentation please visit the booking page for the event:
There is a reduced rate of 25% available if you quote PERINATAL25  on the booking page.  There will be a limited number of even further reduced rate for parents and students being announced soon.

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