Support Across the UK

If you do not live in London and cannot access our services, here are some useful links of organisations that will be able to offer you support.


The Association for Post-Natal Illness is the leading organisation in its field. It is a Registered Charity (No. 280510) and it was established in 1979 to:

  • Provide support to mothers suffering from postnatal illness
  • Increase public awareness of the illness
  • To encourage research into its cause and nature

APNI can provide you telephone and email support. They have a daily helpline for those suffering with postnatal depression. Please contact them if you are having a bad day between 10.00am and 2.00pm on: 0207 386 0868.

Post Natal Depression

A website run by Liz Wise, a committee member of APNI. This provides information and support for anyone with an interest in postnatal depression.The site offers counselling and support groups (contact Liz for charges etc.)

National Childbirth Trust

This organisation covers many issues related to pregnancy, childbirth and after birth. There is a special section on post-natal depression. The NCT can usually put you in touch with a group of mothers local to you and/or a post-natal co-ordinator.


A confidential listening service for any person who is despairing or suicidal.
Tel:08457 909090

Royal College of Psychiatrists

Postpartum Support International

This is a US based organisation that embraces self-help groups for PND around the world. APNI received an award for excellence from PSI in 1997. This was the first Annual Jane Honikman Award in recognition of our contribution to postpartum women and their families.

Postnatal Illness Support (Formerly Veritee’s Post Natal Illness Website)

This is a good website with some useful information.

PND Training

This website offers courses in the detection and treatment of PND for health professionals. : offers information on both a national and local level. Gives details of local resources such as child friendly cafes and childminders. : a “meet a mum in you area” philosophy, trying to beat mother’s isolation and developing PND due to unpleasant thoughts that are not shared with other mums.

Other Mental Health Sites:

Depression Alliance

This organisation works to help people who suffer from depression at any stage in their life. They provide information and support services. They campaign to raise awareness amongst the general public about the realities of depression.


Sane offers information and advice on illnesses such as schizophrenia and depression and therapies for these illnesses. Sane runs Saneline on 08457678000 this is a national telephone helpline.


Information for all matters relating to mental health .

Birth Trauma Association

This site offers information and support to mothers who have had a traumatic birth experience or who are suffering from Post birth Traumatic Syndrome.
The site has plenty of information, advice and links.

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy 

For Dads

Fatherhood Institute

A fatherhood think-and-do-tank.

Post Partum Dads

An American website that offers information for dads concerned about PND.

Ante–Natal Depression

(Depression during Pregnancy) affects approximately one in ten women in the UK. There is little information on the subject, it is not the same as post-natal depression. This site contains useful information.