At Cocoon Family Support we hold a selection of books for you to browse and borrow.

We allow you to take home a book a week, leaving a small deposit of £4, which will be reimbursed on return of the borrowed book. You can access our Library at our Camden centre every Saturday morning.

We will also be happy to photocopy extracts free of charge for you to take home.

All of the books we stock are related to postnatal depression. Some for educational purposes and some for self help purposes. All are highly recommended, if you wish to purchase a book from the below list contact me for a relevant stockist.

Here is a list of the books we currently have in stock:

  • Surviving Postnatal Depression: At Home, No One Hears Your Scream By Cara Aiken
  • Overcoming Postnatal Depression: A Five Areas Approach By Dr Chris Williams, Dr Roch Cantwell and Karen Robertson
  • Coping With Postnatal Depression By Dr Sandra L Wheatley
  • Coping With Postnatal Depression By Fiona Marshal
  • Mindfulness By Mark Williams and Danny Penman
  • Feelings After Birth – NCT By Heather Welford
  • Postnatal Depression: The Essential Guide By Catherine Burrows
  • Down Came The Rain By Brooke Shields
  • Eyes Without Sparkle By Elaine A. Hanzak
  • Beyond The Edge By Jennifer Rees Larcombe
  • Life After Birth By Kate Figes
  • 10 Steps To Beat Postnatal Depression – Without Drugs! By Shona Hicks
  • Why I Jumped By Tina Zahn
  • SAD DAD By Olivia Spencer
  • Depression After Childbirth By Katharina Dalton