Vauxhall Park ‘One O’Clock club’ – Peer Support

Every Friday during school term time between 12:45-14:15 we run a

peer support drop-in group from Vauxhall Park One O’clock club, SW8, in partnership with St Stephen’s Children’s centre.  

This group is open to all mums and dads that might be finding life stressful, resulting in them experiencing feelings of sadness, panic, loneliness, frustration, irritation or anger and may be identified as having postnatal or antenatal depression. You do not need a diagnosis in order to attend this drop-in.

Each week parents are offered a variety of activities with the aim of introducing them to new ways of coping with life as a parent, including:

sharing information about coping with feelings of anxiety

introducing new strategies to promote feelings of calm

support with identifying negative thoughts and how to manage them

information about available medication

music therapy

drama therapy

and mindfulness therapy

For more information contact