Peer support

Peer support and sharing common experiences has been proven to alleviate the symptoms of postnatal depression. Peer support is recognised and advised to aid recovery in the NICE guidelines. Some of the benefits found through NICE’s research:

  • You will make new friends with shared experiences,
  • find hope through over people’s triumphs,
  • build social relationships
  • experience the relief of speaking freely and sharing in a group
  • find acceptance of your illness,
  • and most importantly realise that ‘you are not alone’

The group provides a safe and supportive environment where mothers can get together with others who may be feeling similar to themselves. This helps their recovery by normalising feelings and reducing the sense of isolation that postnatal depression can bring.

To access our guided peer support groups you can ask your health visitor or GP to refer you to our service or alternatively you can self refer using the details on the ‘Contact’ page.

We currently run peer support services every Saturday morning in Camden Town and every Friday lunchtime in Vauxhall. Please contact us for further details.