Drama Therapy with Kathy Miller


  • Start Date:2015-04-11
  • End Date:2015-04-11
  • Start Time:09:30
  • End Time:11:00
  • Location:TBC

You are Welcome to attend a Dramatherapy workshop on Monday 9th May, 15:00 – 17:00

The workshop will include a body directed warm-up, body awareness and imaginative exercises moving round the space of the room and interacting with others ,working in pairs creating a story and sharing experiences with the whole group.

Individuals attending the workshop need to come wearing loose comfortable clothing.

Workshop attendees will be allowed to participate at their own pace and join in the activities as they feel comfortable.

My intention behind the group is to provide a safe space where the participants will be able to express themselves in a creative way with others and may gain some insights about their own processes.