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Cocoon turns one year old!

If we have been a little quiet on the blog recently, it is because all collective efforts have been focused on our birthday party and celebration in Parliament. The big day came around on Monday 19 October, when we finally saw the hard work pay off.

One of our trustees, Tulip Siddiq MP, had organised a beautiful room in the House of Commons and we invited some of our service users, friends and family members to join us – as well as perinatal mental health campaigners, commissioners, professionals and other charity workers. The trustees all worked together to lay on some food and drink, and we also provided leaflets and information on the work of Cocoon.

It was a great success! Whew!

We hugged, laughed, cried and were left completely enthused for the future of this charity. We were welcomed by Tulip, and also addressed by Luciana Berger MP (shadow cabinet member for mental health, and a real supporter of perinatal mental health services).

Dr Sarah Taha (consultant perinatal psychiatrist in Hammersmith and Fulham) presented the incredible new cartoon commissioned by her working group at NHS England. The animation features a range of voices (including one dad who will be familiar to many at Cocoon!), from families through to commissioners. It describes the problems in perinatal services and what a good service should look like. It’s a powerful tool. Sarah and her NHS England college Temo Donovan are working on a project to improve perinatal services across London, and it was a real pleasure to introduce them to several of our mums who are keen to join the working group as “experts by experience”.

A similar highlight was introducing one of our south London mums to Elaine Hanzak, herself a survivor of severe postnatal mental illness – and now the author of the fantastic new book “Another Twinkle in the Eye: contemplating pregnancy after perinatal mental illness”. We had loaned this mum our copy of Elaine’s book and it was incredible to see her connect with Elaine. We are so proud to be able to bring people together in this way!

Another well known campaigner, Mark Williams, gave a short talk about his experience as a dad who suffered from PTSD and depression following his son’s birth. Reaching out to dads and other family members is a mission for us here at Cocoon and we will be working closely with Mark and his team at Dads Matter UK to make this happen.

Finally, we took some time to show our thanks and appreciation for Cocoon’s founder Jessica Warne. Jessica has poured her heart and soul into this work over the last four years. She is the beating heart of Cocoon and she inspires all of us every day with her compassion, tenacity and skill. There was no holding back the tears as her beautiful daughter presented Jessica with a (very heavy!) bouquet of flowers.

A huge thank you to everyone who made this day happen, and everyone who has been with us on the Cocoon journey so far.  In particular, Jessica, Rosie and Kathryn would like to thank our partners who have contributed to Cocoon’s success – in particularly Mind in Camden, Coin Street Family Centre, the Sheriff Centre, Nordoff Robins, our drama and art therapists Kathy and image image imageLily, all our counsellors and our wonderful Trustees and dedicated volunteers.

Here is to the future of Cocoon and all the families we support!

Our story

Cocoon Family Support is run solely by volunteers with personal experience of postnatal depression. To show you we can relate to you we have decided to share some of our stories with you. We understand how you feel, we have been there and we will be here now to hold your hand through your struggle.

Our aim

We aim to provide a range of services for those affected by Postnatal Depression including one to one home visits either at Cocoon Family Support or in the comfort of your own home.

Drop-in groups

We aim to provide a number of drop-in groups across London and to provide self help material and support services at these drop-in groups.


We will provide a counselling service available to support families experiencing and recovering from Postnatal Depression.


We are a service designed to complement statutory services which provide support to those affected by Postnatal Depression.

Open to all

We will ensure that all services are available to all women and men regardless of age, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, physical abilities and religious beliefs.

Care and understanding

We aim to use our resources effectively to ensure families are receiving the best possible care.

We also will fight to help reduce the misunderstanding and stigma often attached to Postnatal Depression by taking part in positive media activities, by participating in training programmes and providing information aimed at Health and Social Care Professionals in London and surrounding areas.

Our mission

We are determined to provide a necessary and appropriate service previously not available for families in the London area. Our mission is to provide a safe and secure environment, that is easily accessible at all times. Where you can receive support services and meet other families experiencing the same illness as you.


Our mission is to provide a service that is underpinned by the following values and principles:










Valuing people and their individual needs.

About Us

Cocoon Family support is a London based charity. We support those affected by postnatal depression, and mothers who are struggling to deal with difficult emotions before and after birth. We provide a safe and supportive environment where families can get together with others who may be feeling similar to themselves. We provide a range of services to aid and support recovery.